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Gavin McClurg of shows two ways to jibe a surfboard with a kite using a Best Kahoona, a GoPro HD, and the amazing waters of the Maldives.
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  • Fabian Romano 3 years ago

    I’m no video editor, but work with microscope videos. You can use a free
    program called ImageJ to open the movie. Then install a plugin called
    “StackReg” (also free), then run it on the movie and it will keep the
    person in the movie in about the same orientation by rotating the video.
    Will keep same orientation as the 1st frame in the movie file. 

  • Shay Golan 3 years ago

    What software you used to rotate the video?

  • kiyovideo 3 years ago

    nice video

  • Joe Lee 3 years ago

    Great vid!

  • ba77ar90 3 years ago

    love that song.. california waiting – kings of leon

  • phaschum 3 years ago

    Bigger/longer boards easier to learn on?

  • Malcolm McColl 3 years ago

    We would love to know what mount and how you rotate the video. Great video

  • Miles Duncan 3 years ago

    whar gopro mount are you using

  • zeturion 3 years ago

    The Second way is easier!