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On 16 June 2011, a small group of friends went to the Vaal Dam to take advantage of the strong wind forecast. As a novice kitesurfer, I underestimated the co…
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  • Andricist 3 years ago


    I did not understand exactly which kind of injuries you experienced, I just
    hope you are fine now. Kite is not a game, and accidents come so fast and
    unexpected. When I was beginner in 2001, kite was at its infancy, and I got
    overpowered like you with a 10 meters and 30 knots. I was young and stupid,
    and very excited by the strong wind. At the end, I released the kite for a
    miracle (at that time kites were not equipped with quick-release) and after
    a fear to be died, I recovered my kite.

    80% of accidents occured on land, during a take off.


    Good wind and luck to everyone!!

  • Daniel Keder 3 years ago

    Dan – hope you recover well!! Ive done my share of VERY stupid things but
    thank goodness never serious, always turned out well. I would totally do
    those things differently now..but yeah…I didnt know then.

    my advice to who watches this video –
    ALWAYS have one hand on the quicky-release system so you can quickly
    release the kite if you catch a gust / wind too strong…etc..

  • stefaan adriansens 3 years ago

    release the emergency chickenloop reflex , one of the firts steps i have
    learned . and i do not understand but it looks like his safetyline is
    connected behind his bar wich is WRONG. 

  • Rez Sublime 3 years ago

    wow way too windy for land bro
    your lucky
    quick release 

  • Preusse64 3 years ago

    so kann mann auch nüsse pflücken.

  • Fernando Dulce 3 years ago

    Hi Dan thank for share your accident, your biggest mistake wasn’t fly the
    kite in 20 knots the mistakes was:
    1st: bad choice of place to launch ( we need at least 4 times the length
    of the lines free of obstacles downwind on more that 15 knots i recommend 6
    times the length of the lines thats is 150 meter free downwind).
    2nd: the size of the kite respect to your level of riding-weight-wind
    speed-lengh of lines choice was wrong.
    3rd: The person that teach you, or never teach you to use the quick release
    or you forget what to do in a case of a big emergency, doesn’t looks you
    try to eject your kite. IS very importantant to practice this a lot from
    day 1, many people only see it and never try it or try it only coup of
    times that is not safe enough. This procedure need to be practice until
    your brain do it fast and automatic.
    4th: provably this don’t happened if you was with a certified instructor
    (always is cheaper pay lessons than kites or ever worst hospital bills)

  • Roman Melnyk 3 years ago

    ouch! that really hurts! i have intervertebral hernia, l5-s1 , and I just
    thought to learn kite. what would you say? could be kiting dangerous for my
    back or if i take care i could stil kite in normal conditions? i hope
    you’re ok now!

  • myles hasenbroek 3 years ago

    Sailed laser nationals in 2013 at that same club and wind also picked up
    very fast

  • Phuc Tran 3 years ago

    Diều lượn 3m3

  • Rufus v.h. 3 years ago

    Kitesurfing disaster at the Vaal Dam:

  • 3 years ago

    Bar loslassen -> Auslösen -> Kite abschießen… kann man alles machen, und
    man sollte es auch machen!!!


    #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #kitesurf #kitesurfen #kitesurfennl 

  • inMotion Kitesurfing 3 years ago

    Kitemare at the Vaal Dam in South Africa!

  • zalex820 3 years ago

    ouch! that’s horrible. Hope you well.Get back on your feet and be safer
    next time. Seems like you got over powered . Not for nothing if I was you I
    would have QR’d.The hell with the kite.

  • Brendon Held 3 years ago

    Bar loslassen -> Auslösen -> Kite abschießen… kann man alles machen, und
    man sollte es auch machen!!!


    #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #kitesurf #kitesurfen #kitesurfennl 

  • Matthew Llewellyn 3 years ago

    Where at the Vaal did you fly?

  • Peter Tkáč 3 years ago

    Kitemare at the Vaal Dam in South Africa!

  • TheDesignerDan . 3 years ago

    I’d have to strongly agree with that advice. 😛

  • Bob Webb 3 years ago

    Oooffff,that was cruel punishment.Had over a decade of high wind
    sailboarding and wavesailing experience.Usually sail massively overpowered
    because I like it that way.Had gear break a couple of miles offshore and
    paddledback in F9. Even compared to this though, kitesurfing in adverse
    conditions is an extreme sport.You cannot shut the power off and if you get
    the kite sweeping through powerzone at high speed,the power is
    unbelievable,broken 500lb lines ..and I weigh 140.

  • TheDesignerDan . 3 years ago

    Thank you for summing up what I really want people to learn from this
    video. You are absolutely right, buying a new kite would have been about
    ten times cheaper. But you live and learn. Fortunately I lived, and
    hopefully others can learn without repeating my mistakes. It’s refreshing
    to get comments from polite and helpful individuals such as yourself. Happy

  • Ciccio Bello 3 years ago

    Everybody was a beginner and made mistakes. I watched a lot of kitemare
    videos on the youtube when i was learning, reading comments that gave some
    advice that helped. I am really glad you made this video explaining with an
    animation what has happened exactly and your injury. It is going to help a
    lot of people teaching us to be humble when putting ourselves against the
    forces of nature. Said that, I am really sorry you stopped kiting, it is a
    great sport. I wish you good adrenaline hunting

  • TheDesignerDan . 3 years ago

    Thank you for the good advice. I was very very fortunate that I wasn’t
    paralysed. It could have easily been different. Fortunately the surgeon was
    able to rebuild my vertebra with a balloon kyphoplasty. I’m very thankful
    that I’m not paralysed. Thank you for your comment.

  • Kamikaze Graf 3 years ago

    thank you guys for this video…..

  • Antony B 3 years ago

    u should have quick released :S

  • JuuLz Z 3 years ago

    Pull your quick release ! I did see many people hung in a tree because they
    did not pay attention.

  • TheDesignerDan . 3 years ago

    Thank you for your kind comment. The worst part is that I actually did know
    how to eject the kite but I was not FAMILIAR enough with it for it to be a
    natural reaction in that very quick moment when it all went wrong. That’s
    the importance of practice until something becomes muscle memory. It’s all
    well and good to know your procedures when you’re methodically thinking
    about them; a completely different story in the heat of the moment. I hope
    that I have been able to caution people through this.