25 thoughts on “Kitesurfing – A true beginning of the sport in 1958”

  1. Bruno Legaignoux

    The title is abusive, nothing to see with kitesurfing which uses the real
    WIND and not a motor boat.
    Bruno, co-inventor of the inflatable kites (c-kite and bow kite)

  2. Can you call when and where the first approach to #kitesurfing took place?

    How about California in 1958?

    No way, you say? Yes way…

  3. inMotion Kitesurfing

    A true beginning of kitesurfing in 1958?
    Even attaching a camera to a kite isn’t as new as we thought it was… ;-)

  4. Haha…the idea of kitesurfing has been around for a while longer than I

    Kitesurfing – A true beginning of the sport in 1958

  5. Анатолий Бобриков

    Странно среди нет ни одного негра… А аа да черт этож 57год так что ХЭЙ
    НАН БОЙ ХЭЙ НАН….)))))

  6. Bud: why is it misleading ? they use a kite to fly above water. it is,in my
    opinion,a precursor to the sport. also, as I understand, nobody got duped
    into buying anything after watching this wonderful vid. do you feel you had
    wasted your time?

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