Kiteboarding Lesson #1

Kiteboarding Lesson #1

My first proper kiteboarding lesson, under the tutelage of Nick Katz of Hang Time! Kiteboarding Japan ( on the Tenryu River, this…

13 thoughts on “Kiteboarding Lesson #1”

  1. First day and you are riding like that? you did well:) I was self taught,
    took me ages to figure it out…but soooo glad I had the patience. Best
    thing I ever learnt to do! I love kiting, and get out when I can. But yes,
    its an activity that requires respect for kites and the ass kicking they
    can give if you get it wrong…or dont look after your gear or dont have
    respect for the weather.

  2. I could fly a 2-line stunt kite and 4-line power kite before I had this
    lesson. To get up on the board – that was probably my first day. Lessons
    are a great idea – you need to know all the safety points and have someone
    around to keep your out of trouble. Then, my advice is to get a small
    trainer kite and learn to fly the ass off it – this sport is all about
    flying the kite! I can probably give you some names of people to talk to if
    you PM me your location …

  3. Great stuff I just pocked up that same board down my local tip !! going to
    use it for a while before I use my North board.. do my learning on this
    Airush one first!

  4. Depends where you are – you’re better off going into a shop, getting some
    lessons on their gear and seeing what you like. Repeat at different shops
    … the gear all feels a little different, safety systems work a little
    different … I like Cabrinha but that’s just me …!

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