25 thoughts on “Kite Surfing”

  1. hey man so coooool,love your tunes.we bounce of crosby beach, southport and
    blackpool ,then wales cornwall devon ….well you get the bird,just think i
    would be fantastic where you have been,,,,,

  2. Ok yeah I understand that a lesson is a good idea and kind of necassary but
    where I live all the lessons are at least $150 for only 2 hours, which is a
    bit out of my budget, I mean I would rather spend that money on buying
    gear. But I will consider it.. I was just curious to no if the gear I own
    would be suitable to learn with if I got a lesson or not?

  3. Hey thanks for your opinion number046 but really who gives a f*?k what u
    think aye? get something else to do you little loser. I jumped on here to
    check out some cool kite surfing vids and to be honest, I’m sick and tired
    of every little angry small minded fool having something critical to say
    off subject. Have something constructive to say.. tool

  4. @maksenDK I do understand you, if your poor and could only afford a 70$
    skateboard comparing 1200$ kite then oh well, your poor… But, this is a
    gay form of kiteboarding – lame board-offs, gay danglers right there. This
    is what makes the sport look stupid and not extreme when you compare it to
    freestyle/wakestyle tricks others do with style. Check some vids with
    Len10, or Aaron Hadlow it’ll change your view! and I just wasted 9 minutes
    watching this fucking gay video!

  5. “Kite-surfer, 28, dies after gale drags him 100mph across beach and drops
    him from 50ft”…google the quoted part….happened on last sunday
    11-07-2010,south west france…they should equip the harness with a
    releasing tab that surfer can separate himself from the kite before it is
    too late

  6. kitesurfing looks stupid compared to almost every form of extreme sports..
    a 5 second video of a well put heelflip is more wow than this intire

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