Kite Surf North America Video #2 “Wind Direction”

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4 thoughts on “Kite Surf North America Video #2 “Wind Direction””

  1. kitesurfnorthamerica

    Thanks for the feed back, I always like to hear what you want and think!
    Defiantly working my way up to the more advanced concepts. Just trying to
    cover all the basis of the fundamentals at the moment. Stay tuned, or
    subscribe to the channel to be notified when new videos hit the screen.

  2. Hey Shawn – nice intro. Looks like LOTS of topics and specifics to be
    covered. I’m really more into filming some of the folks out there on their
    kites doing the “tricky – tricks” as you called them, but it is interesting
    to know what is going on for the actual basics and beyond. Looking forward
    to more from you!

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