13 thoughts on “Joel Tudor – Longboarding”

  1. yeah, your probably right about that, my board is a malibu 8′ 6″, i cant
    nose ride to save my life! a mate of mine uses a yater style board, plenty
    of nose rocker, slightly spooned, he’s a lot lighter than i am and he can
    nose ride for a few seconds. its an artform that i cant seem to achieve.

  2. It’s because Joel Tudor is a fleaweight. I mean he’s a phenomenal surfer,
    but he probably comes in at 160 at the most. I think him and I are
    virtually the same height (6’2) and I probably weigh 60 lbs. more than he
    does. I can noseride all right but I need a 9’6” board to do it, and I
    can’t keep it up for more than a few seconds.

  3. Dude, it’s because you are on an 8’6”. Pick up a 9’6” or above, doesn’t
    matter what size you are, single fin with a big glassed on fin. Noseriding
    isn’t that hard. I’m a big goofy idiot and I can do it.

  4. flash git, makes me sick! i’m only jealous! the way this guy hangs
    five/ten, anyone would think its easy, i always get wacked in the back of
    the head by my board when i attempt it!

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