23 thoughts on “Indoor Surfing FAIL!!!”

  1. Is this actually like surfing? I mean I’ve been surfing in LB for a while
    now and this looks really hard compared to the real thing

  2. its easier to surf for real if you live in ca the best beach to start is
    seal beach its perfect dude im 13 and i could surf its you need to surf for
    real with a real board then it will be easier

  3. that is(bleep)-ing hard to do i mean you surf and you have to somehow keep
    straight i tried that yesterday and i goot say i have even more respect for

  4. WorldPeaceGaming

    I surf in HB and newport I actually never learned. Just go out and have fun
    take a class if you think you like it then go with friends and get good

  5. that looks nothing like surfing. lol. i can’t wait. i haven’t surfed
    since….at least like 5-6 months. i wanna go surf.

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