How to Surf: Surfing Basics in Huntington Beach

How to Surf:  Surfing Basics in Huntington Beach shows how to surf for beginners. This “surfing 101” video walks you through surfing basics, such as how to swim out, stand up,…
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25 thoughts on “How to Surf: Surfing Basics in Huntington Beach”

  1. the smile at the end is so funny, in a good way! ๐Ÿ˜› … I really want to
    try to surf this summer ! Thanks=)

  2. duss size matter? im 5’9 and i want to know if i should get a 6’0 surfboard
    or tall. do i have to buy a surfboard that is almost my size or do i buy 1
    that is taller than me?

  3. cool. I’ve never surf but am looking forward to it. AM from Dominican
    Republic, but now i live in Jersey and man is it cold in here.

  4. Renting a house in SOCAL this summer. It has a couple of foam-type beginner
    surf boards. Never surfed before. Decided to give surfing a shot with my 9
    year old. We watched this video a few times and gave it shot. Managed to
    get my son up on several waves. He’s hooked. Surf camp starts next week for
    him. Thanks for the video!

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