19 thoughts on “How to Surf : How to Surf on a Longboard”

  1. FolkPunkRock AcousticRoots

    i taught myself to surf, no lessons or w/e i surf both boards, been surfing
    shortboards since like 2004, i was really young myabe 6, just got into
    longboards literally in the last month, so easy to paddle into waves,
    already walking the board, such a fun experience. i only use my shorthoard
    for big waves now.

  2. yeah I tried to longboard I was shit, that Lee Ryan book had some good tips
    but. Links pretty stupid but thats just because I have a clickbank account
    from buying it

  3. @crypiticfire thanks man! yeah, last time i surfed i had an instructor. he
    just pushed me into the waves, but i really wanted to do it on my own. next
    time i go to the beach, ill keep your tips in mind!

  4. supercoolninjayo

    yea and keep your back arched. Also, I have been surfing a short board for
    2 years but, before that, I surfed 6 years on my big foam board.

  5. when I’m the age of this guy, I want to be like him: good body, free
    spirit! You’re a great inspiration man! Keep spreading those cool values,
    this is true wisdom… Aloha!

  6. i surfed alot as a teen. when i got on a longboard for the first time i
    told my friend i would never buy a shortboard again. i prefer the longboard
    because i dont care about crazy tricks i just love the ocean and riding

  7. i weigh about 90 pounds and last time i surfed ( and the first time i
    surfed) i couldnt paddle into the waves fast enough. I had a longboard, so
    I figured that if I used a shortboard, I would be able to paddle in more
    easily. am i right?

  8. @BethesdaSkater longboards are easier for catching waves paddle wise but on
    shortboards you need to paddel harder to catch a wave also make sure you
    are cupping your hands when you paddle when i first started i didnt cup my
    hands so i was moving like a snail and using to much energy and got tired
    quickly just paddle and paddle untill you catch a wave getting the paddle
    technique down is a necessity to surfing lesson’s are recommended

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