14 thoughts on “How To Surf – How To Paddle Out”

  1. Oh my gosh thankyou! I kept getting pounded and knocked off my board trying
    to get to the line up. I made one of the most stupidest mistakes ever at
    first when I was paddling out. I put my board side ways I front of me.
    Thank goodness it was small surf. 

  2. Don’t just walk out if the beach is known to have stingray’s. You should
    shuffle your feet and stomp in place as you step out to alert the
    stingray’s to your presence. I have learned this lesson the hard way btw.
    As you walk out, in smaller surf, I would recommend throwing the whole
    board forward over the wave while holding the rear of the board. This makes
    sure the wave doesn’t slam the board into you or someone else.

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