21 thoughts on “how to jump kitesurfing”

  1. Just spend some time with Dimitri Maramenides. He jumps big on basicly
    every size. But for the extra long hangtimes he uses a slightly bigger kite
    then the rest. One of the downwinders we did we were both on a 10m. I was
    basicly overpowered. 38/40 knots. Only difference. I way 115kg he 80kg.
    Smaller kites jump easier high. But personally i prefer bigger kites .

  2. I picked this up earlier in the summer, and i tried a big air jump on about
    my 6th day……i got the part where i swung the kite over my head to get
    the air, but once i was there i dove it way down, and was pulled back into
    the 5 foot deep water at about 20 mph, giving me a concussion. I havent
    tried again since

  3. look mate- just because i have destroyed 11 kites and broken my leg 8 times
    while kiting in my first month doesnt mean i dont know what im saying.
    believe the kite master-ME!

  4. @Kitholic the bigger the wind the bigger the kite as its inversly
    proportional. aprox 25knots of wind or more you need a 16m kite- this is

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