free and easy classic old school longboarding complete surf movie

free and easy classic old school longboarding complete surf movie

Surfers live differently than other people. They live a unique, carefree life. To a surfer only two things are important: the sun and the surf, and this free…
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25 thoughts on “free and easy classic old school longboarding complete surf movie”

  1. Hello from Perú, nice, very nice movie. Other viewpoint of surf. Remember
    to Micky Dora, and peruvian Felipe Pomar in Sunset Beach. Thanks!

  2. Released in 1967, however, those are the 1966 Worlds where Nat and his
    “Magic Sam” took home the gold. That is also the 1966 Duke, where Ricky
    Grigg won. So even though the film was released in 1967, I would say much
    of the footage was from 1966 (likely some from earlier too).

  3. Raughing outRoud

    Old surf movies kick the shit out of the new ones, don’t get me wrong there
    are some pretty decent modern surf movies but heaps of em look the same.

  4. Original music by “Kemp Aaberg and Terry Ohlin”?? I don’t think so…. 😉
    Thanks so much for uploading this.

  5. I lived in Seal Beach and helped Bill Fury make a long surf board or two
    and some sail boards, he gave me a Free and Easy movie poster with him in
    the picture, I still have it. He talked about this movie and traveling to
    make it sounded like some real fun, things were so different back then.
    Peace Tony

  6. Great nostalgic movie as was their other films – “The Sunshine Sea” and
    “Five Summer Stories”.

  7. Ronaldo Hipolito Pardal

    Inspiração para um grande número de praticantes surgirem…retrata muito
    bem o sentimento surfista.

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