Firewire Dominator Surfboard –

Boardshop have teamed up with UK pro surfer and Firewire team rider Sam Lamiroy to take you through an overview of the amazing Firewire Dominator surfboard. …
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  1. what size would you recommend for a beginner that is 5’6″ tall and 165
    pounds surfing 1-3 foot waves typically?

  2. rafaël alewaters

    Question, I’m making a hollow wood fish, and i’m going to put a quad fin
    setup on it, but i’m not sure how much toe in i should give the thrusters
    and the quads, got an answer to that?

  3. @BoardshopUK – Thanks! As good fortune would have it, I recently found a
    guy that was selling a 6’6″ Advance locally. The board was in beautiful
    shape & I purchased it for a song. I took it out one time & FELL IN LOVE! I
    already have my sights set on an even shorter Dominater…I dare say maybe
    even a 5′ 10!! I can’t believe I’m even discussing these lengths! A few
    weeks ago I still marveled at how anyone surfed anything less than 7ft,
    lol! Thanks for helping open up a whole new experience!

  4. damn love firewire! i have a 6’6” fireflex and its beautiful, love it i
    was thinking of getting a dominator should i got for the 6’0”? or bigger??

  5. Hi, Thanks for the post. At your height and weight you could get away with
    either (both would float you). It really depends where you surf, how often
    etc. I am leaning towards the 5’10. Hope this helps. We have the 5’10 in

  6. @maximilianelpinko – thanks for your comment. This information is suppose
    to be informative and a close up of the board. There are plenty of board
    videos online of these boards being ridden. We wanted to give you and up
    close and personal understand of the boards features.

  7. maximilianelpinko

    This vid really doesn’t say anything. Show us this guy surfing one of these
    boards in the waves its meant to be surfed in.

  8. Hey guys…im 80ish kg’s…..180 cms…spend most of my time on either a
    9’1 performance longboard or a 6’10 single fin….any recommendations for
    size in jumping on to a dominator?… Keen to hear from you guys. Peace and

  9. Great vdo. Helpful & entertaining (“Still looks like a dog with a fat ass,
    but…” LOL). As a surfer I’m “in progress”. Surfing 3 years & feel strong
    & confident on longer boards (shortest is a 7’10” hybrid), but ready to
    explore shorter. Firewire piqued my interest w the Dominator & Advance; two
    boards aimed at my niche: beginner-intermediate/transitional surfer who
    surfs smaller/mushy waves (I’m in SoCal). I’m considering. Gathering info,
    pondering sizes, etc. Any Suggestions? I’m 6’0, 160lbs

  10. @PickleFarmFB – Thanks for your email. The dominator is an awsome board. I
    would recommend based on your height and weight you go for the 6ft4. I have
    one of these myself and they ride beautifully. Although I am slightly
    shorter than you. A great step down board. Plenty of float but easy to duck

  11. Im hopefully getting a dominator this month and i am really exited! ive
    been surfing 5’9 performance boards for about 6 yrs now, im only 14 and im
    5ft 3, any recommendations in board size? something good for small waves
    and sharp turns. reply would be greatly appreciated!

  12. hi i am about 6’1 and im like 185 180 pounds and i wanted to know if i
    could ride a 5’10 or a 5’8 p.s im about a intermeddiet surfer ( i know
    thats not how you spell it)

  13. @dainenduffin1 don’t know if this comments too late for you, but i am the
    same height and weight as you, i have the 5.8 and it goes well in
    everything, if you only have one board look at the spitfire in the same
    size as it has a better tail for hold in bigger stuff, if you want an
    easier paddle in to the wave then get the 5.10. Good Luck!!!!

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