Dumpster Diver Surfboard Review

http://www.surfstationstore.com/ Surfboard aficionado Matt Ollis reviews the new Channel Islands Dumpster Diver model at The Surf Station. If you have questi…
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25 thoughts on “Dumpster Diver Surfboard Review”

  1. @eastcoastsurfer7 CI recommends riding anywhere from 1 to 4 inches shorter
    than your height. This of course depends on your ability level. If you want
    some more info, just shoot us an email support@surf-station. com

  2. Hey I’m 511 and 150 pounds what size dd should I get also is this a good
    board for airs snaps floaters and cutbacks and other maneuvers

  3. i think i will take the dumpster diver, but im not sure in what size? Can
    you help me? i usually use a 6’2, im 72kg and 1m80cm. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  4. @agaco if you could go to our website or store, you can talk to one of our
    board sales people that way. Unfortunately, I’m unable to post links in
    comments so check the description.

  5. @MegaGreendayfan101 These are typically ridden 1 to 4 inches shorter than
    your height. So yes, shorter than your typical shortboard. Shoot us an
    e-mail or find us on live help at surfstationstore. com if you have any
    further questions.Thanks!

  6. Chase, anywhere from 5’8- to 5’10 depending on your experience and
    preferences. It’s a great shortboard for smaller waves. If you have any
    more questions please e-mail us!

  7. As of right now im almost 14 and im 5’7. should be around 6’3 6’2 something
    around there. I want it to last me. What size do you think i should get it
    in? I was thinking under 5’10.

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