Drumline Chops Lick No. 1

In this http://drumlinechops.com lesson, Pat McLaughlin teaches you the Drumline Chops Lick No. 1. This is a great lick and is a lot of fun to play. It works…
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20 thoughts on “Drumline Chops Lick No. 1”

  1. The link for the free sheet music says it does not exist anymore… Would
    you mind fixing this? I would love to learn this lick.

  2. Tough question! They’re all extremely important in their own right. Don’t
    know that one is THE most important one out there.

  3. TheOriginalSammy

    Great lick. Those paradidle-diddles are smoking fast. Any idea how to work
    them up? I must use rebound as in the double stroke roll, right.

  4. One of my personal favorites is to work up Paradiddle Pyramid. There aren’t
    any paradiddle-diddles in that exercise, but working up that exercise goes
    a long way for ALL of your paradiddle rudiments including your
    paradiddle-diddles. Start slow, work it up over time and focus on staying
    relaxed while playing with defined accent and tap height throughout the
    entire thing.

  5. Just need to register as a free member. Takes 5 seconds to register. Once
    you’re in click the link and you’ll see the sheet music under the video 🙂

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