Dolphins make cameo appearance at surfing competition

A dolphin pod joined in on some of the action in this weekend during a surfing competition in Santa Barbara, California. More from CNN at …
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4 thoughts on “Dolphins make cameo appearance at surfing competition”

  1. She knew what they were you idiot! A surfer knows the difference between a
    dolphin and a shark, trust that. These ‘reporters’ shouldn’t try to talk
    about something they know little or nothing about. She probably bailed on
    that ride knowing that a skeg wound can be very bad for a dolphin.

  2. Ενα δελφίνι κάνει εντυπωσιακή εμφάνιση και κλέβει την παράσταση στη
    διάρκεια διαγωνισμού σερφ στην Καλιφόρνια

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