Cheyne Horan Surf School, Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of the great places in Australia to surf. With kilometres of golden sandy beaches and great surf breaks there are so many places to cho…
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11 thoughts on “Cheyne Horan Surf School, Gold Coast”

  1. Fun Travel TV Show

    @kunnakanna lol… Yeah I had a couple of bruises and scrapes too but it
    was great fun! I was so stoked when I stood up… It is an awesome feeling

  2. 1999 quiksilvers Masters world champion! He one against Tom Carroll a two
    time asp world champion. In grinding solid perfect Le Gravier in France. He
    won it on a 6’0″ Geoff McCoy Nugget. He is a world champion.

  3. Fun Travel TV Show

    @TOTVSTVVSMARIA He always went way beyond what everyone else was doing. He
    seemed like he would go harder and try things as long as he was having fun.
    He should have been world champ before that but for Cheyne I guess it was
    more about enjoying the wave and going as hard as he could. Great surfer!!

  4. Fun Travel TV Show

    Hi Abbywinnick18.. Yes you will love it.. It is pretty tough to do but once
    you get it and stand up it is such an amazing and awesome feeling.. Let me
    know when you get to do it and how you go.. And have loads of fun! 🙂

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