11 thoughts on “Car surfing epic fail!”

  1. Better off riding a motorcycle., I would recommend with a helmet, but if
    you NEED the same feeling ride without one. Motorcycles are far more fun,
    the same feeling, but you can even go faster, and much safer. But, if you
    do wreck it will be the same fatal ending. I’m not saying that I condone
    riding without a helmet, but if you’re going to be stupid don’t do it this
    way, you will end up dying, if you think you won’t then you’re sadly
    mistaken. Is that really the way you want to go down? The newspaper will
    read, died in a tragic car surfing accident. Dying by car surfing will be
    how you will forever be remembered, basically you will be known as “the
    idiot.” Hope you have a chance to read some of these comments and change
    your mind before you die bro. I’ll keep you in my prayers. 

  2. it needs to stop and it starts with the adults that act like kids there
    putting this shit in all this kids head stop the madness what about the
    innocent oncomming traffic life is precious and these people who dont care
    about there life or anybody elses i see a lawsuit coming ur way tommy
    stotridge wrote this remember it cause u will here it again

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