California Longboards – December 06 2007 Sunset Cliffs

John surfing the newest California Longboard, a 12′ 0″ hand shaped classic. The board is 4 inches thick, Volon glassed, with 70/30 rails. John shaped this bo…
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18 thoughts on “California Longboards – December 06 2007 Sunset Cliffs”

  1. Kind of looks like a Skip Frye’ish board this guy is surfing, not an easy
    board to conrol in surf like that i imagine. Or i could just be an idiot
    and it is Skip, lol.

  2. This guy is just killing it with style on a great looking board and getting
    blindly ripped off in the process. I live and surf at Sunset Cliffs and
    I’ve seen that quite a bit…even more than Newport, if you can believe

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