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  1. love naish kites cot 2010 cult grate 2 fly. thankyou naish for your hard
    work in the sport of kiteing looking forword 2 2011.

  2. kitesurfingpanama

    Super Video my Friend, Lest Keep in Touch and Exchange Subscribe Channel.
    See you on my Channel Kitesurfingpanama

  3. “You have to have a certain kind of character if you want to be successful
    for a long time. You gotta be selfish, for one I’m pretty selfish. You
    gotta be driven, you gotta be super motivated, you have to be self
    motivated. You know if you gotta be woken up in the morning and have
    somebody else kick you in the ass to get you going you’re not going to
    succeed in board riding.” ~Robby Nash

  4. Juan Pablo .Sotomayor

    @justmefanofE ….if you wannna show off thats not the way……and sorry
    to tell you this but you sound lika a small kid who just got
    grounded….anyway good luck Mr hater

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