Bitter Cold & Snow In Colorado! Surfing Contest Link 2/4/2014 Link to the surf contest this week in Hawaii. Livermore, CO USA ~ High 8F, Low -2F, Wind 5mph N, 1-3 Inches Of Snow By Midnight.

8 thoughts on “Bitter Cold & Snow In Colorado! Surfing Contest Link 2/4/2014”

  1. I am just positive … you live in a Hallmark Card. Absolutely surreal. I
    don’t think I have ever seen anything quite as beautiful as some of those
    you have shared of “Point of View” Thank you.

  2. THEfreethinkerfreeloverCHANNEL

    Good times. I wish I was still in Colorado (despite the harsh winters).
    I was out there for a few months awhile back, in your area. Stay warm. :)

  3. Fun Smish.
    Before you go outside, try greasing up with pure cocoa butter on exposed
    skin like face and hands.
    Grease keeps skin warm. Cocoa seems to me best, I have tried about all.
    Bear grease is absolute best, but about impossible to get and does have an
    odor…lol stay chillin.
    Spent time in my picture box staring at summertime.

    Birds of a feather..
    Never been surfing..

    I looked at waterfall and creeks yesterday

  4. GreenHouse Would Be Handy U Know Concret Next Winter Long Time
    Ever Ski BeverCreek Or Loveland Did 50- Below 

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