Big Striped Bass Caught in the Jersey Shore Surf

Surf fisherman Wayne Beach lands a nice 39 inch striped bass in the Jersey Shore surf. The fish weighed over 20 pounds. The fisherman next to Wayne is Don Br…

25 thoughts on “Big Striped Bass Caught in the Jersey Shore Surf”

  1. CATCH and RELEASE! So nice to see…too many people feel the need to keep
    every single thing (including shorts) they pull out of the ocean… hats

  2. Thank you for releasing the fish! I also release every striper I catch and
    I think it’s only fair! Thanks for spreading the joy of fishing!

  3. Thelaxprofisherman

    @khmer4everkhmer you should go to Gloucester for early spring striper
    fishing bass rocks is a good place for land fishin big stripers there good
    bait shops in Gloucester are 3 lanterns and Winchester fishing are good
    bait shops in summer u can jig for live mackerel at pier, Gloucester is
    half hour north of boston

  4. awesome video- wish everybody released bass that size. This fall season was
    pretty much horrible all around. Hoping proper regs are put in place next
    year… thanks for posting

  5. curtgowdysharkhunter

    @hardhatg69 surf casters journal does alot of striper fishing, but as far
    as ocean city goes i’m the only guy on youtube who fishes their

  6. I see no fight at all….just dragging a nice piece but it doesn’t even
    move…if you want to get busy come to Costa Rica for real fishing fights!!!

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