Best Kitesurf session I Teahupoo 2013

Watch the best Kitesurf session ever @ Teahupoo 2013. Mitu Monteiro, and Tamatoa Torea surf Hava’e while Robert Teriiteau tries to get a tube on jetski. Subs…
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25 thoughts on “Best Kitesurf session I Teahupoo 2013”

  1. these butthurt surfer kooks in the comments are hilarious. I’ll tell you
    why surfing sucks compared to kiting with some REAL arguments:
    1. Surfers have to share a break with 100’s of other surfers, all competing
    and waiting for that single wave, if there’s wind everybody can go kiting,
    enough for everybody
    2. Surfers are for 90% of the time just sitting ducks waiting to get nailed
    by a wave, dragged out to sea by a rip or eaten by a shark, kiters get to
    kite the WHOLE time, until you get sick of it and are way more in control
    of their surroundings
    3. Surfers are limited to the same lame ass turns and when you’re very
    lucky a barrel.. with kiting you can do all that + big airs, megaloops,
    technical tricks, rotations and handle passes, you can go speed racing,
    racing a course for time, freestyle or just go cruising w/a couple mates.
    4. With swells that generate waves there so many variables for them to be
    good. With wind, if it blows you can just go no matter what, from 5 knots
    and up. The wind has to be parallel/cross/onshore though but that’s never
    really a problem because there’s always a spot where the wind is blowing
    the right direction especially on peninsula’s and islands.
    5. Travelling is a fucking nightmare with a surfboard. They get damaged
    pretty quick and you get charged a shit ton of money. If your smart you can
    pack you kite gear in such a way that you won’t get charged extra and kite
    gear can handle a beating in a plane but a surfboard, no no

    Now get back in the water and paddle like a fucking moron you hippies

  2. Kite makes a lots of unfit people think they are doing the extreme sport,
    which is unfortunately not the case at all. Because they always have that
    safety lines attached to them, which can pull them out of the environment
    they are challenging in. Not like surfers and windsurfers, they are just
    right in the extreme environment, and interacting with it. 

  3. go and jump some white caps and leave the waves to surfers. pretty lame
    considering they are pretty much attached to a safety line

  4. Kite surf looks fun on flat water, but it’s just ugly to watch on waves,
    especially huge waves. Those guys are croutching on their boards, this is
    no surf, nor windsurf, I don’t think kitesurf is good for surfing. It’s a
    lot of fun for flat water, especially when there’s marginal wind, ’cause a
    windsurf can’t work. Windsurfing is about propulsion, when kitesurf is
    about traction, the first is more like surfing, the second more like
    waterskiing. But there’s room in the water for everybody. (Except on my
    crowded homespot of course!)

  5. I both surf and wave kite …..just watching this makes the surfer in me
    gnash my teeth…..unfortunately the kiters , obviously very capable that
    they are , look like a bunch of arrogant pratts – and absolutely not doing
    the wave justice versus the stress and danger they are introducing to the

  6. Albert BlackPearl

    The worst Surf session is better then the best Kite session, 1.Surf 2 Wind
    Surf then a lot nothing then Kite Surf. Just saying.

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