Beginner Surfing Secrets

Billabong’s Owen Mulford shares his essential tips for new surfers to succeed with.To View How-To Videos on Almost Any Subject Visit:

25 thoughts on “Beginner Surfing Secrets”

  1. Oh and always consider board / wetsuit rentals. They are cheaper, you don’t
    need to transport them, etc… just play around and find something that you
    are comfortable with.

  2. Alex Chamberlain

    u should go to camp surf in San Diego! that is where I learned to surf for
    the 2nd time because my cousins used to live in Hawaii and my cousin’s
    friend taught me how to surf when I was like 5 years old!=]

  3. just cuz im not a beginner like u doesnt mean im a pro. i am a very good
    surfer, i can kicktail, pump up and down the line, get in the tube and get
    enough speed to get out before it closes so no im not a world class surfer,
    im also not a beginner, and if you really want videos, mail me a gopro, cuz
    im not spending 300 dollars to show a little cunt like you how good i am. i
    now see y ur on this video BEGINNER well, you gotta start somewhere, right?

  4. Really? Every time I’ve been there it looked open enough. Some people, yes,
    but not enough of a crowd to be frustrated. Or at least so I imagine.

  5. Why comment on something you know little or nothing about? lol. If your
    hands are cupped you don’t get enough power and quick entry into a wave,
    watch the professionals hands closely, never cupped. Stand up paddle
    boarding is different, that paddle is the most effective way to paddle a
    massive board standing up where as if you cup your hands surfing a
    short-board or a mal your’e exerting more energy than you should be, fact.

  6. First of all, get a foam board to start. They are ceaper and require less
    maintainence. I would reccomend a longer board, because they are easier to
    paddle and stand up on. Invest in a solid leash because you reallt don’t
    want have a cheap one that could break. Also, I would try to keep paymebt
    to a minimum, as things break, or they might not suit you. Beginers tip:
    catch a wave once it has already broken, because the whitewater is more
    consistant. Talk to experts in your local surf shop

  7. lmao i don’t even surf yet? lmao. Why would a Great surfer like you look at
    begginer videos. That either means your a lieing fuck, or your a
    beginner.Either way your still a fucking loser. And until i see a yourube
    video of you accomplishing these task. I think your full of shit.

  8. I think the biggest mistake I’ve seen beginners do is try to learn in awful
    pussy whitewater, where it’s either to hard to paddle out into, or too hard
    to catch a ride. Then they come away feeling bummed and don’t keep trying.
    On the other hand, if you make the investment (maybe travel, get on it
    before the wind etc) to get super clean little waves you’ll get rides
    almost straight off and you will be hooked for life!

  9. science sez don’t cup your hands but keep the fingers spread about 10
    degrees apart for maximum efficiency, just sayin’

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