Beautiful Barbados

Youtube has incorrectly tagged the music. The first track is “Beautiful Barbados” by The Merry Men, a world famous Bajan Calypso band. The second track is ca…

25 thoughts on “Beautiful Barbados”

  1. DigitalIslandboy

    That song so ole. It interesting nobody writes songs about Barbados
    anymore in crystal clear accent and without cussing….๏ปฟ

  2. I spent three weeks on Barbados in the late 1990’s, and I’ve always wanted
    to go back as I loved it so much. Beautiful island and the people are so
    friendly. I was lucky to be with friends who have spent several weeks on
    the island every year for the past twenty years so they had plenty
    experience of what to see and do. Also they have local residents as friends
    which also helps! We went all over the island and saw all of the places in
    your video. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  3. I just did……and highlighted it. Fantastic job as I just returned from
    Barbados and stayed around the corner from St. Lawrence Gap and did the
    east coast trip to North Point as well. Amazing island and tropical
    paradise. Thanks again!

  4. anybody know the name of the bird, i always wanted to find out, i have a
    couple who make a nest in on the telephone pole outside my house and raise
    there young, so i want to do some research on them but dont know the name

  5. this beautiful song is sung by the Merrymen. I heard sing it live in
    Barbados when i lived there for a few years.

  6. I tried to monetize this video by using Youtube sponsored music. I found
    out right away that youtube music does not support monetization, so I tried
    to revert to the original version, but since the video appears to be so
    popular they will not let me cut off their revenue stream by modifying my
    own video. This is underhanded, and I hope that Youtube will resolve this
    problem before I am forced to delete this video.

  7. No video sad to say but great pics which can been seen on my Facebook page
    Paul McIlroy……plus your video of course…..

  8. The local name for that bird is rain bird , but I’m not sure what the
    actual specie is. It appears to be some kind of flycatcher.

  9. I had to “like” this video after all i was born and live here. Thanks for
    sharing it with the world

  10. I really did not like Edgewater neither my grandmother or grandfather the
    setting was nice but the hotel was too old. I went in 2010 they have no
    closed that hotel down after i left. I’ll be going back in July 2013 and
    staying a “Ocean Two Resort” such a beautiful and updated hotel you guys
    should check it out!

  11. Janaina ljubezen

    Lindo video!!!Ameeei ๐Ÿ˜€ deu p matar a saudade , mas fiquei com agua na boca
    de voltar logo para o paraiso rs qual o nome dessa musica ? beijos ๐Ÿ™‚

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