Share Button – Aaron Crowell from My Uke 101 gives you a super cool Chord Progression for Intermediate Ukulele Players. In this free ukulele lesso…
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  • Andy Cook 4 years ago

    Nice guy.

  • Larry Mooney 4 years ago

    Hi Aaron: I guess I’m one of those jazz guys who can’t keep it to myself,
    so for those who think this way, I break down your turnaround thusly: 1,
    4min, 2maj, 5dominant, 1. (2,5,1 is the most common progression in Jazz).
    Keep up the good work!

  • ukulele dice 4 years ago

    you were too fast bro…

  • kai leilani 4 years ago

    sooo kool & mellow. totally dig it!

  • shiggins316 4 years ago

    Hey mate. Really like the progression. I found it pretty easy to follow.
    I’m a beginner uke man but pretty handy on a guitar so I have come across
    pretty well. If you get a chance check out my back in black cover with
    vocals on uke. Lol Thanks again mate its a good progression to practice the
    “fan strum” too

  • Martha Kleiner 4 years ago

    This sounds great. Can you show the chord chart – not quite sure where to
    put my fingers when! the visual would be great. Do you give lessons? where?

  • John Holmes 4 years ago

    very nice

  • JChoneybell 4 years ago


  • NoobGroupGamers 4 years ago

    u should write out the tabs for these chords its a bit hard to follow from
    ur video 😡 thats what i feel anyways

  • Daniel Cervantez 4 years ago

    I hate that rhythm that everyone plays on a ukulele it’s so melow and