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New instructional film providing the ultimate in surfing techniques, whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced surfer looking to perform manoeuvres t…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • SurfTrainingSecrets 3 years ago

    Pretty good basic points for beginners

  • SHREDxJUICE 3 years ago

    @TheMotorexpert haha peddle?

  • OmgPanda1 3 years ago

    I like it when she says “super thick & wide”….

  • david8837 3 years ago

    your racist you suck gtfo of youtube

  • Alain Name 3 years ago

    U should all watch soul surfer great movie but once u see it ull be scare
    of surfing hahaha

  • talktoedwin 3 years ago

    I noticed the complete video was remove from youtube. Where can I watch the
    rest or get a copy in its entirety?

  • laxsplash07 3 years ago

    i love seeing people help other people learn how to surf, i dont care if
    they are bad at explaining at least they are trying

  • Davis Donnell 3 years ago

    are you on a long board? if not, think about investing in one. I’m 6 foot
    and i ride a 6’1″ board, but im not a beginner its tough learning on
    something that small. you need to learn on a longboard for best results
    unless you are a grom

  • sergioakaliltroll20s 3 years ago

    super thick and wide……………

  • TheMotorexpert 3 years ago

    is it possible to peddle wrong? your just stupid when you peddle wrong.

  • tehOwnaGe54 3 years ago

    stfu european prick, USA USA USA!!!!

  • spooky dooky 3 years ago

    @Vimat15 ur a faggot shut the fuck up. just watch the video pussy

  • voznow7 3 years ago

    When did surfing become golf? Get self taught.

  • Laplaya1981 3 years ago

    u can learn surfing free

  • Original-Gaming Network 3 years ago


  • tenturlure 3 years ago

    ^^ 🙂

  • splitman 3 years ago

    @Vimat15 thou shall not copy anyone elses comments and pot them on another

  • Jake Laine 3 years ago

    co za asy

  • Harry Mclean 3 years ago

    @ electroboy103 i have seen that movie soul surfer

  • adamrogoff 3 years ago

    i surf all thru the year. last year went in on christmas day and new years!
    still good wave tho, colds not really a big factor!

  • Aaron Keogh 3 years ago

    im sure you can only give 100%

  • animalmuther4000 3 years ago

    im over 6 foot and about 15 stone, i cant seem to get my paddlng down or
    any speed up to get started at all, at can i do to get going??? wat board
    should be using?

  • crossfilms07 3 years ago

    easy lol just be a thick steamer

  • surfsup2014 3 years ago

    fuck sup people there’s a reason they don’t call it a surfboard

  • sprawlNbrawl87 3 years ago

    i surf every morning ocean beach san fran ca, water: 56 degrees on average
    and full of white sharks so i dont know about english blokes being hardier
    than anyone, i think if you love surfing theres no complaining anyways
    except for headaches afterwards. i surfed lands end england nequay point, i
    know i fucked up the spelling. but weak surf in summer i wore rash guard
    and trunks and i was fine. water has a beautuful look though