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Ryland explains the best way to gybe. View all of the Jeep Kitesurfing Instructional Videos from Jeep and Ben Wilson Surf …

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  • darren butler 2 years ago

    erm erm erm

  • jonny boy butterfly 2 years ago

    SALVATORESALVATORESALVATORE….did you ever ask yourself why you feel the
    need to judge other people??? this guy does a great job of explaining how
    not to fall off when trying to look cool….

  • Salvatore Casale 2 years ago

    What a bore! Might be good info but couldnt take five mins of this guys
    monotone rambling if my life depended on it!

  • moreleftpedal 2 years ago


  • XTreme Video 2 years ago

    Great explanations! Getting back to practice this weekend!